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rocawear logo Launched off of the meteoric success of co-founder, Shawn Jay-Z Carter, the ROC represent a borderless, global lifestyle. With Roc-A-Fella Records serving as the initial launch pad, The Roc realized its prowess in creating culture far beyond the relam of music. Hence, the birth of the apparel company, Rocawear. Like Roc-A-Fella records , Rocawear quickly staked its claim in hip hop history becoming the destination brand for street savvy consumers. Rocawear maintains a focus of providing clever innovation in fabrication, application and design to its customer. It has been the brands attention to detail that has pushed Rocawears appeal beyond its core urban clothing customer. Ten years have passed since the genesis of The Roc and a dynasty now reigns.
lrg Co-founded in 1999 in Santa Ana, Clifornia, by Jonas Bevacqua and Robert Wright, Lifted Research Group (LRG) is a creative lifestyle urban clothing company. Jonas and Robert's vision was to design clothes that represented a variety of influences, a reflection of their environment and interests. Through LRG's success as a brand and inclusive group concept, it has become an outlet to express not only the designers ideas, but also a platform for others to do the same. LRG takes pride in discovering and uncovering new and emerging talent, supporting those that pursue their goals with the same passion that supported it's own growth. This concept has always remained the same, it's one that LRG stands beside and looks to share with the world.
king apparel The UKs premier urban clothing brand. Pushing the boundaries of credibility and distinction, King Apparel has the streets on smash and continues to set the standards by which others follow. Founded in 2003, its creators were brought together through a shared goal. To create an apparel brand, reflective of the creative freedom of their own lifestyle and culture. From the skate scene, the grime and hip-hop movements to the underground world of street art and street wear heads, King Apparel represents the eclectic mix of British youth and subculture.
two angle Two Angle has become popular in the rap world, rap stars proudly raise the colours of the brand, from artists such as The Game and Lil Wayne to Wiley and N-Dubz. Born from the collaboration of a New York designer and French style office in 1999, Two Angle show its mix of French and American culture since its birth.The brand name inspires itself from the connection between France and U.S.A, Inspired by the streets, influenced by the Hip Hop movement and diverse subcultures, Two Angle wants to be known as a universal urban clothing brand.